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woensdag 8 juni 2011

Workshop on hydrollcoids and Foodpairing

Some months ago we started again with our course on cooking and science. The last three weeks we've talked a lot on hydrocolloids. It was time to do some practice.

Following dishes were made last week and we used our new Foodpairing website ( to create the recipes.

This dish was inspired on "The sound of sea" from Heston Blumenthal

Sea (mussel broth, iota), sand (tapiocamaltodextrine, miso oil, anchovies), clams, shrimps, mussels, different kind of algae, oyster leaves and foam of clams, fluid gel of lemon

Second dish was a deconstruction on a classic crab cocktail 

Cannelloni of crab and ketchup (mayonnaise + crab meat, tomato ketchup gel) tomato foam and croquant, grapefruit fluid gel, guacamole

Next was also a deconstruction: FĂ´ret Noir

Chocolate flan, cherry crumble, cherry cream, cherry croquant, vanilla ice cream, Kirsch gel

Fourth recipe is a combination of two classic dishes (asparagus with orange and asparagus with smoked salmon) with a twist

Gnocchi of asparagus (made with kuzu), pickled asparagus, asparagus dashi, smoked salmon, orange fluid gel and fresh grounded coffee

As second dessert we made a recipe based on strawberry

Strawberry gel, strawberry/bell pepper cream, strawberry croquant (obulata with freeze dried strawberry and palatinose, basmati rice soup flavored with cardamom

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